Are Property Taxes Paid in Advance or Arrears in Texas?

Are%20Property%20Taxes%20Paid%20in%20Advance%20or%20Arrears%20in%20Texas.png The Texas property tax cycle rolls on from year to year. What’s known for sure is that you will receive a bill in October, which you need to pay by January 31st. What some people don’t often consider is whether the taxes they are paying are in arrears or in advance. Here is a short but definitive explanation.

Property Taxes Are Charged in Arrears in Texas

Taxes are due every year in arrears. The tax year runs from January 1st to December 31st, and the taxes assessed for a given year are then charged to homeowners the following October. Here are the key points to remember:

  • Most counties in Texas issue yearly tax statements between October and November of the current tax year.
  • Taxes are not “due” until the date of the yearly tax statement being issued as “final.”
  • After the county tax office has issued the property taxes, they are “due and payable” by Dec. 31 of that tax year.
  • Penalties and interest are assessed if payment is not received by Jan. 31 of the following year.

Property Tax Loans Can Help You Navigate This Cycle

Whether in arrears or in advance, the point is that you need to pay every year by January 31st or face penalties and interest that can soon become unmanageable. If you ever do reach that point, the best thing to do is to contact a property tax lender. Once your loan is approved, you don’t have to worry about the specifics of the previous tax year. The tax lien is transferred to the lender, your account is settled immediately with your local authorities, and you can make a repayment arrangement with the lender that suits your budget and schedule. If you find that the intricacies of the property tax cycle are getting you down, let a property tax lender like AFIC help.


American Finance & Investment Co., Inc. (AFIC) is an OCCC-registered property tax lender. We offer our clients an affordable, hassle-free way to manage their Texas property taxes. We can ensure that your account with the local government tax office is paid in full and will work out a manageable repayment plan for you. AFIC can provide you with an instant quote by completing the form on our homepage. For qualifying properties, we can help you pay off your delinquent taxes and offer you the following benefits:

  • Quick and completely online process
  • No money down
  • No credit check
  • Free 30-day rate match
  • Match competitors and beat their rate by 1%
  • Avoid high penalties and foreclosure

We pride ourselves on finding solutions to suit the unique needs of our clients. If you would like to discuss our property tax loans and any additional advice on the requirements of your local tax authorities and the details of your property taxes, please contact our experienced team at AFIC today.

Ernest Eisenberg

Ernest Eisenberg, President of American Finance & Investment Co., Inc. (AFIC), brings a wealth of expertise in non-traditional financing, including property tax loans and non-bank mortgage solutions. His vision is characterized by a commitment to offering flexible financing solutions to Texas property owners.

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