Property Taxes and COVID-19

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If you pay property tax in Texas appraisal districts, you are understandably wondering what will happen amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Texas is known for its high property taxes, among the highest in the country, yet millions of people across the state have been unable to earn an income since the lockdown began. For property owners who face penalties and other late fees if they’re unable to pay their 2020 property taxes, this situation is stressful and confusing. Some Texas lawmakers are working to put in place some type of relief. Each taxing unit decides if it will offer the exemption and at what percentage.

When the government ordered the mandatory closure of businesses across Texas, citizens asked the government for some kind of property tax relief. After all, how can you be expected to pay an expensive tax rate on your home or your business if you aren’t able to earn any money? In mid-April of this year, the Texas Attorney General issued an opinion declaring that only properties exempt from paying property tax are those that have been physically damaged as a result of COVID-19. Economic damage does not make you eligible for tax exemption.

Some Texas lawmakers have offered alternative suggestions, including freezing current property tax rates until the pandemic passes, reverting to 2019 property tax rates, and halting property appraisals altogether. While these measures, if adopted, may offer some relief to property owners, there are millions more who will still be expected to pay expensive property taxes during this time of economic hardship.

If you are over 65, the federal old age, or disabled, you qualify for a deferral granted to all Texans. This deferral prohibits collection actions and caps the penalties that may be charged to you. Ask your local tax office for help, if you think you might qualify for a deferral or to establish whether you are eligible for a homestead exemption.

Do you qualify for any of the following property tax exemptions?

  • A disabled veteran’s exemption? The exact amount depends on your age and disability rating.
  • Disabled person’s exemption?
  • A residence homestead exemptions as a surviving spouse in terms of Tax Code Section 11.133?
  • Homestead exemption from your home’s value for school district taxes?
  • Is the homeowner 65 years of age or older, disabled, or a surviving spouse aged 55 or older?

Approach your appraisal district chief appraisers and establish whether you qualify for an exemption. They are responsible for determining whether or not property qualifies for an exemption.


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COVID-19 has created a new reality that none of us could have predicted. The future is uncertain, and we have no way of knowing if property owners will be given any special exemptions due to the pandemic. If you’re worried about not being able to afford your property taxes, we are here to help. We’ve helped thousands of people across Texas in a variety of circumstances and with many different budgets, and we don’t want you to fall into the vicious cycle of late property tax payments.

American Finance and Investment Co., Inc. partners with homeowners and business owners across Texas to pay your property taxes on time and avoid expensive penalties and other late fees. While we wait for the Texas government to enact measures that offer relief to property owners, you don’t want to miss any filing deadlines and fall behind on your taxes. Get a property tax loan quote now.

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