Fort Worth Property Tax Loans

Are you looking for a way to keep your property as well as your peace of mind? If you own any type of property in Fort Worth, you are subject to property taxes. In the state of Texas, these taxes cause property owners a lot of stress as they are subject to penalties and interest fees if they fall delinquent on the taxes. The fear of accumulating debt and possibly facing foreclosure can keep property owners awake at night, worrying about how to manage their finances. However, there is a solution that offers financial relief and peace of mind. Property tax loans provide a way to settle your tax bill without the need for a credit check. This immediate funding allows you to pay your Fort Worth property taxes in full, avoiding the steep penalties, interest fees, and stress of falling behind. With custom payment plans tailored to your financial situation, property tax loans ensure you can maintain your home or business without the burden of lump sum payments. Our process is designed to be straightforward, allowing you to quickly get approved and find the funds to pay your taxes, ensuring you don’t need to lay awake at night worrying about the security of your property.

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Fort Worth Property Tax Loans For Residential Property Owners

American Finance & Investment Co., Inc. (AFIC) is one of Texas’s leading home property tax lenders. We offer an affordable, hassle-free way to ensure that all your property taxes are up to date. When you contact us for a property tax loan, we will pay your outstanding fees in full and work out a manageable repayment plan for you. You will be worry-free from expensive fees and obtain the time and space you need to regain your financial footing.

Fort Worth Property Tax Loans For Commercial Property Owners

Commercial property owners in Texas pay some of the highest property taxes in the country. With penalties and interest that can top 43% in the first year alone, money spent on fines could be better used by investing in growing your business. We know how important it is to control your capital, and we also know that you want to avoid the cost of penalties, interest fees, and stress that come with delinquent property taxes. Fortunately for your business, AFIC can offer affordable solutions to this problem.

Simplifying Property Tax Payments in Fort Worth

In an environment where managing property taxes in Fort Worth can be complex and stressful, American Finance & Investment Co., Inc. (AFIC) stands out by offering property owners a straightforward and efficient solution. Understanding the burden that delinquent taxes can place on both residential and commercial property owners, AFIC has tailored its property tax loan process to be completely online, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Our approach means there’s no need for a credit check, enabling a broader range of property owners to get approved quickly. This method provides immediate financial relief and secures your property against the risk of foreclosure, ensuring you don’t lose sleep over tax bills. Whether you’re behind on your Texas property taxes or simply seeking a better way to manage your payments, AFIC’s flexible repayment plans and commitment to no money down offer a beacon of hope.

Resources For Fort Worth

If you need more information about property taxes and other tax and residency information for Fort Worth, have a look at some of the following resources:

This City of Fort Worth government site connects residents, homeowners, and visitors to important information and resources they may need, including pertinent tax information.

The Tarrant Appraisal District website gives Fort Worth residents access to resources they may need for property valuation, disaster appraisals, property tax rates, and other solutions within their specific area. Their office is located at 2500 Handley-Ederville Rd, Fort Worth, TX 76118. Telephone: (817) 284-0024.

The Tarrant County Clerk’s office helps residents find information on costs and fees, government agencies, records and documents, and forms that may be necessary to learn more about property taxes. Their office is located at 100 W. Weatherford, Fort Worth, Texas 76196. Telephone: 817-884-1195. You can also contact the office by email at

Ft. Worth Collection Information

The Tarrant County website provides you with information about the County’s Tax Assessor-Collector, and other tax-related resources. Their office is located at 100 E. Weatherford Street, Fort Worth, Texas 76196. Telephone: 817-884-1100.

Ft. Worth Deferral Information

The State of Texas has a law allowing for property tax ensure certain protected classes can stay in their homes. Pursuant to section 33.06 of the Texas Property Tax Code, people over 65, disabled individuals, and certain veterans or spouses of deceased veterans are entitled to deferred collection of property taxes until the homeowner passes away or relocates from the property. If you meet these guidelines, apply for a deferral to the Tarrant Appraisal District using the appropriate form on this page. Don’t get a property tax loan.

If you’re looking for local legal aid, the Tarrant County website can help you find legal assistance pertaining to property taxes.

Contact AFIC To Get Advice On Your Fort Worth Property Taxes

Our mission is to help Texans pay their property taxes through affordable, flexible tax financing plans. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (915) 519-0906 or fill out this form and click submit.

One of our licensed loan officers will contact you as soon as possible.

Why Choose AFIC For Fort Worth Property Tax Loans?

AFIC can provide you with an instant quote by completing the form on our homepage. For qualifying properties, we can help you pay off your delinquent taxes and offer you the following benefits:

  • Quick and completely online process
  • No money down
  • No credit check
  • Free 30-day rate match
  • Match competitors and beat their rate by 1%
  • Avoid high penalties and foreclosure

We pride ourselves on finding solutions to suit the unique needs of our clients. If you would like to discuss our property tax loans, please contact our experienced team at AFIC today.

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APR between 8.0% and 25.0% for loan terms between 12 and 120 months. For example 8.5% APR, $25,000 loan, $750 in Closing Costs, 120 Monthly Payments of $303.32.


If you are over 64 or disabled, don’t get a property tax loan, contact your tax office about a deferral.

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