How to Apply for a Texas Property Tax Loan

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Property taxes in the State of Texas are some of the highest in the USA, largely because there is no income tax. However, this does leave many homeowners in a difficult position when this large lump sum is due to be paid to your local government by the deadline of January 31st.

For homeowners facing cash flow problems, it might be tempting to pay the taxes on a later date when money starts coming in again. But, this has some costly consequences. Interest will start accumulating on the amount owing from the first business day in February, along with a penalty of 6% of your total bill. These total costs will increase by 2% each month through June 30th, and many counties place an additional 20% collection fee on your bill if it remains unpaid by July 1st.

This doesn’t just impact your cash flow and your financial recovery; it also risks the foreclosure process where the state can seize your home and sell it to recover the property taxes owed.

No one deserves to be caught in a position like this, where they may lose their home due to unpaid property taxes! Fortunately, there is a solution designed to provide you with immediate assistance and relief – a property tax loan from a reputable provider like American Finance & Investment Company, Inc. (AFIC).

The Property Tax Loan Application Process

Applying for a property tax loan or a loan to pay off delinquent property taxes follows a different process for different property tax lenders. Some companies require a credit check or a down payment for the loan – but not AFIC. Here’s how our application process works:

  • Simply click here for a property tax loan quote and fill in some basic information on our online form.
  • You will receive an instant customized loan quote.
  • Our team will soon contact you to discuss your loan in detail.
  • There is no application to be filed!!!
  • If you are happy with your quote, we’ll bring all the relevant documentation to you.
  • Your property taxes and delinquent property taxes will be paid in full. This will halt any foreclosure process which may have started.
  • We don’t require any money down, and we don’t need a credit check.

How Do Property Tax Loans Work in Texas?

In Texas, property tax loans are a specialized type of financing specifically designed to offer relief to property owners struggling with their Texas property tax obligations. Given the high property taxes in Texas, homeowners can sometimes miss their payment deadlines, leading to potential penalties, accruing interest, and the looming risk of foreclosure. This is where the Texas property tax loan process comes into play. The journey starts when a property owner decides to apply for a property tax loan at a local property tax lending office, be it in Dallas, Houston, or McAllen. The borrower is required to fill out an online application form and typically undergoes a credit check. The property tax lender then evaluates the amount of the loan, considering both the property’s delinquent tax amount and the borrower’s credit history.

These loans are usually structured as a monthly payment plan, fitting into the borrower’s budget, and enabling them to gradually clear the delinquent taxes. While interest rates can vary, property tax loans in Texas are known for their flexibility and fast approval process. They provide property owners, whether residential or commercial, a way to avoid penalties, sidestep foreclosure, and safeguard their home investment as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Benefits of Applying for a Property Tax Loan from the Leading Property Tax Lenders at AFIC

AFIC is one of the leading providers of property tax loans in Texas, offering services throughout the state in all counties, including Angelina County, Bastrop County, Bell County, Bexar County, and Cameron County. We’re a fourth-generation family-owned business that has built a strong reputation for not only the quality of our property tax loans but also our exceptional client service, and we’ve assisted thousands of people and their families over more than 70 years of operation.

We’re proud of having the highest possible rating by the Better Business Bureau, our strong financial backing in the industry, as well as our robust operating principles that ensure each client is treated with compassion, understanding and – importantly – a property tax loan service they can rely on.

When is the Right Time to Apply for a Property Tax Loan in Texas?

As soon as possible! With the severe penalties and fees that quickly pile up on unpaid property taxes, it’s important to apply for a property tax loan as soon as you realize you’ll need assistance with paying your bill.

Our team can assist you as soon as you receive your property tax bill as well as during any point before the foreclosure process is complete. The sooner you pay your delinquent property taxes, the better and less costly it is for you – and the less disruption you’ll have to your daily life.

Our team isn’t judgmental; they’re here to help. To find out more about our services or to get financial assistance to pay your property tax loans, please contact us today or fill in the form below.

Ernest Eisenberg

Ernest Eisenberg, President of American Finance & Investment Co., Inc. (AFIC), brings a wealth of expertise in non-traditional financing, including property tax loans and non-bank mortgage solutions. His vision is characterized by a commitment to offering flexible financing solutions to Texas property owners.

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If you are over 64 or disabled, don’t get a property tax loan, contact your tax office about a deferral.

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